Vegan Egg Salad

“So what food do you miss most from your non-vegan days?” I’ve been vegan for close to eight years now, and I legit still get asked this question on almost a weekly basis. And my answer is always, unwaveringly, the same: eggs. I always thought cheese was going to be the hardest thing for meContinue reading “Vegan Egg Salad”

Spring Tempeh “Chicken” Salad

Last week we had a brief glimpse of spring, and it put me in the mood for all kinds of light, airy, spring-like dishes. While I’ll always be a comfort food kind of girl, the thought of light salads and sandwiches, and easy on-the-go meals is calling to me. So are those lighter, summer jeansContinue reading “Spring Tempeh “Chicken” Salad”