The kitchen is my playground. Sharing a love of food; teaching others about ingredients and cooking techniques, and fostering the camaraderie that exists around a kitchen table, counter or stove has always been my passion.  Those around me know that there’s always something cooking (or baking) in my kitchen, and there’s always plenty go around.

I never saw myself as particularly creative in a hands-on way, until I picked up a chef’s knife and a frying pan.  Cooking was an outlet for me- a way to express my creativity, and a way to relax. (Seriously – I’m probably the only person on the planet who LOVES kitchen prep. Chopping, dicing, slicing…it’s like therapy to me.)

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.  I read cookbooks like novels. Watched about a million hours of the Food Network, read blogs and magazines for inspiration.

Then, one day, I took everything I knew about cooking and tossed it out the window. We decided, as a family, to go vegan.  Out went the meat, eggs, dairy and honey. In came veggies and legumes and tofu and so on. Suddenly, cooking – and eating, took on a whole new dimension.  How would I make breakfast without eggs? How do you make tofu taste good? What do you mean I can’t eat cheese anymore?

I’m a comfort food kind of gal. Mac and cheese is part of my soul, nachos are a food group, and ice cream, well ice cream solves everything. So, if I was going to do this vegan thing, it had to include plant-based versions of all my favorite comfort foods.  And for me, it wasn’t just about replacing them, it was about making them taste as good, or even better, than their non-vegan versions.

My rules for vegan cooking are simple: the dish must be easy to make, it must use as many everyday ingredients as possible, and it must taste delicious!

Welcome to my kitchen! It’s loud, busy and full of good food! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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